BABY NINJAS - 18 months to 3 years


This is a 100% parent/guardian assisted class. Participants along with their "adult helper" will work through a variety of games, skills and obstacles that will help them develop their motor skills, strength, cognitive abilities and social skills.

NINJA TOTS - 2.5 years to 4 years          (Pre-School Aged)


This class serves as a transition between Baby Ninjas and Lil Ninjas.  This is also a parent/guardian assisted class that serves to prepare participants to transition into the independent Lil Ninja program where no 'adult helpers' are permitted in the gym.  The goal over the course of the session is for the Ninja Tots to become less and less dependent on their adult helper and work directly with the Coach.  

JR LIL' NINJA - 4 years to 5 years                 (Currently in JK)

SR LIL NINJA - 5 years to 6 years       (Currently in SK)

***NEW*** Our Ninja Basics - Lil Ninja Skill Mastery Program utilizes a combination of parkour skills, calisthenics, and obstacle challenges to help participants improve their confidence, social skills, problem-solving abilities, coordination, and strength.  THIS IS NOT A PARENT-ASSISTED CLASS AND NO PARENTS/GUARDIANS ARE PERMITTED IN THE GYM!


**Any 6-year old participant who has successfully completed ALL ELEMENTS / REQUIREMENTS of the Ninja Basics - Lil Ninja Skill Mastery Program, may move down to the Main Gym and begin the 3-Level  Recreation Ninja Program if they desire**

**NEW*** 4-LEVEL RECREATION NINJA              PROGRAM - 6 years to 14 years               (Currently in Grades 1+)

This is our core program.  It's tough.  It builds strength, agility, balance, coordination, discipline, mental toughness, etc.  Developing these attributes not only helps develop the participants' Ninja Skills, but also develops their overall athleticism for any sport.  


Each of the 4 levels in the program progresses the participant closer to Ninja Obstacle Skill mastery.  Once Level 4 in the program is achieved by the participant they can then choose to try-out for our Development/Competitive Teams.  By achieving Level 4 in the program, participants can rest assured that they have the strength and ability to have success in various levels of Ninja Competition and begin their Competitive Ninja Journey.


Are you looking to compete in a Ninja League, Spartan Race or similar event?  Maybe you're just interested in changing up your 'run of the mill' fitness routine.  If this is the case, OCR / Ninja training might just be for you!  Much like our youth programs you will learn all the basic skills and progressions leading to Ninja Obstacle mastery.   In addition, you'll have the opportunity each session to try out our advanced obstacle area and test your abilities.  This is a fun and social group that has a blast each and every week.



If you're wanting to take your training to the next level, then the Development & Competition Team may be exactly what you're looking for.  Currently our gym is a member of the Canadian Ninja League (CNL) and both hosts and competes in CNL sanctioned events as well as World Ninja League (WNL) and other Ninja/OCR competitions.   Our team sent 5 athletes to the WNL World Championships in Greensboro, North Carolina and 16 athletes to the Canadian Championships in Edmonton, Alberta in 2023.  We currently have 8 athletes qualified for the 2024 World Championships and many more trying to earn spots.  With it's level of excitement and the unbelievable displays of athleticism by its' competitors, Ninja Sport / OCR is one of the fastest growing sports worldwide and is here to stay.  


*To try-out for the Development & Competitive Team ranks an athlete must have  achieved Level 3 in our Recreation Ninja Program.  Try outs are held on various dates over the Summer months with the Competitive Season running from late August until June.  Trying out does not guarantee a spot in the Development & Competitive Program and all athletes must try out annually to earn their spot on the squad (even returning athletes)*


Wanting to bring Ninja to everyone, taking safety into account, and recognizing that our standard class format does not address everyone's individual needs, we are happy to introduce Adaptive Ninja Classes for both our Lil Ninja Gym (4 to 6 years) and Main Gym (7 years+) programs.  


These classes are delivered in a  very small format with a maximum Coach to Participant Ratio of 1 to 4 - Even lower than our standard 1 to 6 ratio for these programs!   In addition, lighting and sound levels will be monitored and limited and each participant may have their own support staff in the gyms with them (parent, guardian, worker, etc.) to help facilitate their experience. 


There is no extra charge for support staff and there is absolutely no up-charge for this program.  Our aim is make sure that anyone who wants to experience Ninja can do so.