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TRIAL TUESDAY 30/30 Program                   (7 to 12 years)


Wanting to try out Ninja Warrior and OCR style training but not able to make the session long commitment?  We now have an option for those 7 to 12 years of age.  30 minutes of instruction followed by 30 minutes of practice/play.  ***Pre-booking required

OPEN GYM PLAY                                                  (2.5 to 5 years)


Weather not so great?  Looking for a place for your 'wee one' to burn off some energy.  Come join us for an hour of playtime.  

OPEN GYM                                                             (7 years plus)


Currently taking a class and want more practice time on the obstacles of the week?  Not taking a class and looking for an informal way to check out our gym?  Here is your opportunity to hone your skills.  Only for current students registered in an active class.  Ages 7 plus ONLY.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!