Baby Ninjas (18 months to 3 years)


This is a 100% parent/guardian assisted class. Participants along with their "adult helper" will work through a variety of games, skills and obstacles that will help them develop their motor skills, strength, cognitive abilities and social skills.

Ninja Tots (2.5 years to 4 years)


This class serves as a transition between Baby Ninjas and Lil Ninjas.  This is a semi-assisted parent/guardian class that serves to prepare participants to transition into the independent Lil Ninja program where no 'adult helpers' are permitted in the gym.

Lil' Ninjas (4 years to 5 years)

Utilizing a combination of parkour skills, calisthenics, and obstacle challenges, your Lil Ninja will have a blast all while improving their confidence, social skills, problem-solving abilities, coordination, and strength.  THIS IS NOT A PARENT-ASSISTED CLASS.

Kids, Youth & Teen Super Ninja OCR                      (6 years to 15 years)


This is our core program...it's tough.  Utilizing a combination of parkour skills, calisthenics, and obstacles, participants are challenged with new tasks each week.  Failure is inevitable and participants must learn to accept this.  Our program provides students with athletic skills that are transferable to so much more than just OCR and parkour and more importantly helps our students develop 'resiliency' and learn to focus on progress over perfection.

Teen and Adult Ninja / OCR Race Prep                (16 years+)


Are you looking to compete in a Ninja League, Spartan Race or similar event?  Maybe you're just interested in changing up your 'run of the mill' fitness routine.  If this is the case, OCR / Ninja race prep might just be for you!  Much like our youth programs you will learn basic parkour skills in addition to all the obstacle mastery progressions we teach.  On top of this, you can expect some awful, uh we mean wonderful, core fitness component focus sessions each class to round out what may be the most unique and fun strength and conditioning program out there.

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